From the forthcoming book, When All Boats Rise: 12 Coaches on Service as the Heart of a Thriving Practice.
This chapter is from Karen Davis, host and speaker at Reinventing Yourself Weekend.

Service. Prosperity. What does one concept have to do with the other? What if I told you
that in this profession it is the difference between success and failure? What follows is
my story. I share with you what I have learned from my coaches, clients, and from
personal experiences. My hope is that you are moved to serve even more fearlessly. Let
your love shine bright and you will always prosper.


I’m sitting here gazing out across the skies of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and
contemplating how I may be of the most service to you, the reader, in this moment. My
great-grandmother was a proud Sioux Indian raised on the plains of South Dakota along
the winding Missouri River.

Native Americans have a long-standing tradition of oral storytelling. This practice
assures that future generations never forget their roots or lose sight of important
knowledge and wisdom, and insights often gained through lessons learned the hard way.
Like the mighty Missouri, my great-grandmother’s blood flows through my veins and I
too, like my ancestors, am a storyteller.

This is my story. Imagine having a seat beside me around the campfire. As the campfire
builds to a lofty roar, I share my story with you for your greater expansion and prosperity,
for your successful impact in the world as a coach.

The most important piece of wisdom that I want to share with you is that my path to
prosperity has always involved a willingness to deeply serve, an unrelenting desire to
learn and grow, the courage to take risks, and the strength of character to be uniquely

In 2006, I left my corporate job quite unexpectedly. It was the day of our acquisition by a
major player in our industry. I didn’t agree with the terms of our arrangement and in a
split second, an intuitively-driven moment, I gave my notice to the CEO.

You see, just one year earlier, I had a spiritual awakening in my life. There I stood,
graveside, at my dearly beloved mother’s funeral. I was so caught up in my own
thoughts, when it suddenly dawned on me that the birds and the wind and even the
eloquent words of my brother’s eulogy had all gone utterly silent, as if someone had
pressed some giant “mute” button. But then as clear as a bell, I heard my own mother’s
spirit implore me, “Karen, when are you going to do something about this?”

I knew exactly what she meant. When was I going to align with my life’s path and begin
to rejoice in the ease and wonder of making a delicious impact in the world? I declared
then and there to my mother, and to myself, that within two years I would shake things
up and change my life.

Until that life-changing moment, I had spent many years taking care of others. I was
always attempting to prove myself and please others. I was pushing that reluctant,
elusive elephant up the hill and in the process I was creating a tremendously stressful
life that was completely incongruent with whom I was truly meant to be. Perhaps you can

There I was in a conversation with my CEO, making that spontaneous decision to trade
the comfort of a six-figure income and all the benefits of receiving a regular paycheck, in
exchange for the uncertainties of entrepreneurship.

The following week I sat in my home office in abject panic, wondering what was next for
me. What in the world was I going to do now? I didn’t have a plan and I certainly didn’t
have a safety net. I was in the ‘free fall’ that I see some of my clients take when they
have simply had enough of the status quo. Slowly, I began to learn that this ‘free fall’ can
actually be an exhilarating form of freedom. It was clearly about my state of mind and
who I was being in any given moment.

Thankfully, I had started a daily meditation practice earlier that year. Then, as well as
now, meditation helped me to stay focused, grounded, and calm.

As a coach, I want to underscore the immense value of this incredible practice. A key
component of leadership is the ability to calm the mind. A calm mind is the breeding
ground for creative insights, presence, resilience, and fundamentally shapes the quality
of service you provide to your clients. As I turned inward and became this new observer
of my thoughts, it became much easier to create a different perspective of the same
facts and circumstances, and shift my life in a more positive direction.

That next week the phone rang and I received a lucky break. Serendipity rules. A
colleague heard that I had left my former position. By the end of our conversation, I had
my first consulting gig.

Initially, I thought I was embarking on a short-term journey in anticipation of my next
position, and that it might entail a career transition. I told my family and friends that my
new stint in entrepreneurship as a consultant was simply a means to an end. I was in
search of that next career move that would light me up inside. I knew that I wanted to
make a greater impact on the planet. I just didn’t know what that might be.

Little did I know what was about to unfold. I’ve always felt impassioned about giving back
to my profession and community, and with my new flexible schedule, I had more time to
pay my gifts forward.

Service Starts With an Open Heart

Service can take a huge dose of courage. The courage to be rejected. The courage to
stretch into your zone of discomfort. The courage to take a stand. The courage to give
without expectation. When you have the courage to make a heartfelt connection with
another human being, you will see that what can be created is nothing short of

In 2008, I accepted a volunteer opportunity with the Emergency Food and Family
Assistance (EFFA) Program in my community, Boulder, Colorado. I became part of the
team that would lead their annual fundraiser event. At our kick-off meeting, the executive
director mentioned the story of a well-known and very successful businesswoman who
early on in her career turned to EFFA for a helping hand.

I suggested that we ask her to share her story at the annual event. We all knew it was a
long shot because it would require her to be open and vulnerable, and to admit that she
had once been in a place in her life and career where she needed assistance. This
would take courage on my part to ask her, and it would require an honest, heartfelt
connection for her to have the courage to say yes. Since it was my idea, it was my job to
persuade her to do it. Luckily, I was up for the challenge!

The executive director helped me get a meeting set with this local businesswoman. I
spent the ensuing days rehearsing in my mind every possible objection she might have,
and explaining how she would eventually benefit by agreeing to be vulnerable and share
her story. Finally, the day came and it was time for our meeting.

I remember walking into her swank office building and being greeted by her assistant. I
could feel the fluttering butterflies in my stomach begin to weave themselves into a giant
knot. I walked into her office. I was ready. We spoke for about 30 minutes; in the first
three I could tell it was not going well. The expression written all over her face was a
clear “No;” perhaps even a “Hell, no.” Finally, she politely declined my request. I left her
office devastated and wondered what I was going to do next.

Two days later, I received the call. She thought about what I said and she had actually
reconsidered. I had impressed upon her the impact she could make in the community by
revealing and sharing her story. With my well-worded nudge, she was ready to take the

I returned later that week with my volunteer copywriter ready to receive her story. It was
published in the local paper and she told it again onstage the evening of the fundraiser.
The crowd gave her a standing ovation for being so vulnerable in coming forward to
share her story.

I remember driving home that evening after the event and thinking about how proud I felt
to have had the courage to make the request against all odds, and to be making a
difference in my community.

At our celebration party I met Nancy, one of the EFFA board members who knew the
story of what I did. She asked me, “Have you ever coached before?” I assured her that
although I had not coached before, I was positive that I could because I had a great love
for people. I had also managed as many as 27 people at one point in my career.

The next day, Nancy connected me with a CEO who later hired me to closely coach his
company’s more promising executives for the next three years. My coaching career, and
my apprenticeship in the greatest profession on earth, took off.

When you serve others with an open heart, not only are you positively impacting them,
but you also affect others who are merely degrees apart from them. Your energy and
love radiates out into the world like ripples from the proverbial pebble dropped into a
pond. It takes courage. It takes a heartfelt connection with another person. Your potential
to uplift, inspire and serve countless others knows no bounds. There are so many
opportunities to serve others in life, not just through our profession alone.

A Coach Is Born

My previous 18 years in leadership positions created a fabulous springboard for my new
profession. However, I knew that my journey to becoming a masterful coach and deeply
serving my clients would require massive growth and expansion on my part. It is often
said in this profession, “You can only take your clients as deep as you yourself have
gone.” It is indeed our own willingness to learn and grow, take risks, and to fail and pick
ourselves back up over and over again that paves the most powerful pathways for our

That same year, I hired the first of many coaches who would positively impact my life
and my practice. Like the wings of some giant butterfly, my own self-development and
discovery began to unfold.

Each of my coaches fed my soul in a unique and magnificent way. I see new coaches
flail around in the vast sea of information and marketing techniques for years until they
either quit the profession or go pro by hiring a coach. You see, it is my opinion that to
succeed as a coach, you yourself need to have a coach. I liken it to dentists choosing to
have a dentist themselves. While it’s true they may be skillful, it is virtually impossible for
them to peer adequately into their own mouths and do any significant work there. It just
doesn’t make any sense.

Coaching is more of an art than a science. There are many intricacies and tools to learn.
It is an apprenticeship profession, meaning that you learn from the masters. This also
affords you that objective, outside perspective of yourself that you simply cannot get a
glimpse of any other way.

I’ll share with you some brief highlights from each of the amazing individuals who have
coached me over the years. I’ve learned so much about who I am as a coach through
coaching with these incredible masters, and I’ve borrowed pieces and parts from each of
them to make me the coach I am today.

I encourage you to practice any of the approaches I share below. This is what has
worked for me. It doesn’t mean that it will work for you. I suggest that you experiment to
see what is most aligns with you as a coach.

The Intuitive

My first guide and mentor, Debbie Haynie, taught me how to deeply trust my intuition.
Debbie was a healer, intuitive, and the first of my many teachers. She had a very gentle
and unassuming manner, paired with a comforting voice and warm, accepting presence.
She was confident and yet a woman of incredible humility.

Debbie instantly recognized my ability to be highly intuitive and began to teach me how
to open up even more fully to this gift that is innately resident within all of us. She taught
me how to make and trust decisions based on my own greater inner wisdom. She taught
me how to notice the language of my body and the visions in my mind’s eye. She taught
me how to listen to my own inner voice.

Debbie would sit across from me and listen deeply, never taking a single note. She didn’t
need to. She knew that she could retrieve the events of my life in an instant. I soon
learned this level of intentional listening ultimately turns into knowing. She gently
coached me from a position of strength, which was based on her ability to trust her inner
wisdom in each and every moment. She didn’t hold back, either. I always knew that she
had the candor to be completely honest with me. In the years that followed, I would
adopt this mode of deeply listening and trusting the whisper of my intuition.

This quiet leadership style of listening, being transparent, and following your intuition
serves your clients profoundly. They feel seen and heard. They feel the light of
compassion shining on them.

This humility that Debbie so beautifully demonstrated has nothing to do with weakness.
Quite the contrary; it requires a substantial inner strength to embody humility. To be truly
who you are often takes tremendous power. Not because it’s difficult to be you, but
because when you are unapologetically self-expressed and true to your inner self, you
face potential criticism. And to face that criticism takes an intense inner fortitude.

On the flip-side, when you live from a strong, humble center, you are naturally perceived
as more trustworthy, confident, and capable. You are no longer obsessively focused on
yourself and how you look, but rather on your exquisite client who sits across from you.
When you are no longer trying to look a certain way or impress a client, you are then
willing to share the struggles and successes from your own life so that you may help
them. Humility is a treasure to be prized because you are leaving your client feeling their
greatness. And this is an ultimate act of deep service.

The Truth-Teller

The next person to influence me was Bill Sumner. Bill’s style was intense, in-your-face,
no-holds-barred. He was a truth-teller. I recall having massive headaches after our
coaching sessions. I would call him on my drive home and ask him what just happened. I
would tell him that it felt like someone had just taken a baseball bat to my head. Bill
would laugh and say that we were rewiring my brain.

Indeed, I was growing by leaps and bounds. I was taking bold new actions and leaning
into the resistance of the voices in my monkey mind. Many of my clients have since
complained about their headaches after our deep coaching sessions together. I smile,
silently thank Bill for his guidance, and reassure them that we are on the path to their
own growth and expansion.

Bill taught me about the polarity of masculine and feminine energies. I learned how to
rediscover and honor my feminine energy and power in my work with him. I was a
woman exuding masculine traits and it had not even occurred to me that there was
another way of being.

There we were in our first coaching session together when Bill, the truth-teller, avowed,
“You write like a guy.” I straightened up in my chair. I was oddly uncomfortable by his
gaze; it undid me. His expression was somewhere between bewilderment and despair
for the woman who sat before him and the guy he saw on paper. “Like a guy.” Those
three words upended me. And yet, there was a part of me who knew deep down that Bill
was indeed correct.

Within each of us, there is a feminine energy that is both distinct from and interwoven
with our masculine energy. Our masculine side is our more rational, direct, practical,
logical, and assertive way of being, while the feminine is our creative, intuitive, feeling,
nurturing, receptive, and visionary part. The feminine contains the ability to look inward
as the masculine contains the ability to look outward. Both energies, when in balance,
make us whole. Any one energy, when taken to an extreme, can unbalance us.

My journey into understanding the feminine and masculine energies began to unfold on
that auspicious day. I stopped thinking of feminine energy as weak. I stepped into my
feminine power. I was more willing to be vulnerable, admit my mistakes, and connect on
an even deeper level with my clients. I began relating to them as opposed to always
problem solving for them. I trusted my ability to evoke my own inner wisdom. I was able
to love my clients on an even deeper level than ever before.

You are of ultimate service to your clients when you are willing to deeply look into the
nooks and crannies of your own self-development and growth. Both my male and female
clients have benefited immensely from my path of deep self-reflection and discovery.
Life is optimized when you tap into both your masculine and feminine energies. I will
forever be grateful to Bill for having the courage to deliver this difficult message.

The Trucker

My next coach, Molly Eglin, had a huge heart and swore like a trucker. She loved to
emphasize her points with an occasional, humorously-placed profane word. She deeply
loved and guided me in the study of Ontological Coaching. Ontology is the metaphysical
study of the nature of being. We spent more than a year together examining who I was
being in the world.

Molly brought attention to my language and choice of words. We dove deep into my
moods and emotions, and somatically into understanding the language of my body.
Molly and I worked on my personal life and relationships. With her, I learned how to
deeply trust my choices and decisions. While I certainly still wanted love and the
approval of others, the quest for that no longer served as a stumbling block that would
keep me from making the tough decisions I needed to take in order to grow.

I still remember the day that Molly challenged me not to share my blog with anyone for
feedback before posting it. She knew that I had a deep fear of criticism and that I didn’t
completely trust my own judgment. On that day, I held my breath as I pushed the publish
button. Miraculously, my world did not explode!

Molly taught me the value of believing in my clients, one hundred percent, no matter
what. I always felt like Molly was on my side. I’ll never forget when I was sharing a story
with her from my childhood and after five minutes of silence on her part, she screamed
into the phone, “Karen, when are you going to let that f**king story go?” I gasped and
drew back in my chair. There was a very long and awkward silence and then I replied,
“Right now, Molly.” Oh, how she served me in that moment. That story, and all of the
others, are gone now because of Molly’s courage to call me out on that day. I instantly
saw the absurdity of it all.

Molly knew that the path to prosperity was through who you are “being” in the world. She
would encourage me to always be the observer of who I was being at home, in
conversations with my clients, and out in the world.

As I began to observe who I was being, I found that I made deeper, more heartfelt
connections, and I let my light shine even brighter. As I did, my practice began to grow
and I began to prosper.

The Lionheart

Following my work with Molly, I signed on to work with Rich Litvin. Rich struck me as a
very unique coach and it wasn’t just because of his British accent. He was always willing
to lean in and evoke from me what wasn’t being said or challenge me to step up to a far
bigger game. There was no more hiding out or playing small with Rich as my coach.

I’ll never forget the day that Rich unveiled himself at a coaching event dressed as the
medieval King, Richard the Lionheart of England. It was so perfect! Rich is the man who
leads with his heart and yet has the courage, confidence, and strength to be absolutely
fearless. Rich is not only the passionate crusader for coaches, but also for people who
are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

Rich was a consistent, positive, and disruptive force in my life for over two years. Within
our first few weeks of coaching together, he challenged me to walk away from an
$80,000 proposal that I had on the table. He knew what I intuitively knew, that this
proposal was destined for failure without the CEO’s agreement to be involved. I gathered
the courage, followed Rich’s advice, and turned down the work. Needless to say, the
CEO was not very happy with my decision.

To compound matters, that same eighty grand was what I had earmarked to pay for
Rich’s seemingly astronomical fee. Over the course of time, I came to realize that it was,
in fact, worth every penny. I was fearlessly motivated to become successful and it was
not only an investment in me, but also in my coaching practice.

Rich taught me how to stand in my power and at the very same time turned my world
upside-down. His coaching fees were equivalent to that of a luxury car. Writing that
check to pay him shook me to my very core. I was ready to play a bigger game. I
remember wanting desperately to feel what my clients would feel when they wrote me a
sizable check. After all, how could I possibly ask my clients to pay me sky-high fees
when I hadn’t experienced what that was like myself?

Through my work with Rich, my social self, that part of me who wanted to please, was
being dismantled literally overnight. This is another area where Rich was teaching me
how to love fearlessly and with confidence. Being a professional coach requires you to
lead and, at times, drop the part of you that wants to be liked. I trusted Rich implicitly and
readily accepted all of his challenges as I learned at an exponential rate. Rich taught me
how to be a bold coach and how to fiercely take a stand for my clients.

As a coach, your job is to serve your clients—not please them. They may not like what
they are hearing in the moment, but in the end, they are always grateful. Your clients
want you to lead them powerfully.

Rich was showing me how to confidently cross lines, breaking and blurring connections
and distinctions between right and wrong, winning and losing. Everything that I thought I
knew was shown to me in a completely different light. When you step into your power as
a coach, it can be very intimidating for your ego. The actions you take will feel almost
counterintuitive at times. You may even experience failure. My greatest lessons have
been a direct result of my failures. You might fail too. However, more often than not your
results will speak for themselves.

The path to prosperity requires an inner stance that is deeply committed to serving your
clients fearlessly. You must be willing to set aside your desire to please, and be willing to
take risks and be bold. Sometimes you must be willing to source the Lionheart from
within to be noble, fierce, and to lead with your heart.

The Godfather

My coach today is Steve Chandler, who has taught me how to openly express my heart
and be of profound service. Steve leads by example. He is one of the most generous
human beings I have ever known. He shares his years of wisdom graciously and
authentically. He knows exactly how to put the spotlight on others. He has taught me
how to deeply serve at all times through a heartfelt connection with other human beings.
What’s more, he taught me how to make my clients offers they cannot refuse. The term
“The Godfather of Coaching” was given to Steve by his coach, Steve Hardison, and
alludes to the enormous endearment that is felt for Steve in my coaching community.
Steve takes an unrelenting stand for his clients and you can feel it. He has an incredible
ability to see each person’s unique self and greatness. He masterfully works with each
person he coaches until they begin to see every facet of their own greatness for
themselves—like a beautifully-designed tapestry.

Life is not so serious with Steve, and I love that about him. He sees the humor and
lightness in most situations. Being in a room with him causes an elevated mood and
sore bellies from the laughter. He has taught me that I can learn faster and coach more
effectively through playfulness and levity. Coaching doesn’t always have to be so
serious. It can also come from a place of not knowing.

In Zen, the fool is the highest form because the fool comes from not knowing. The fool
has a beginner’s mind. As a coach, when you serve with the mind of a beginner you are
of ultimate service. For it is then you evoke the wisdom that lies inside each and every
one of your clients.

A wise fool also knows how to slow down and create a more simplified life and coaching
practice. When you slow down and see your unique gifts as a coach, and the greatness
of your clients, you are able to serve them in a more profound way. If you don’t hold back
but instead generously serve with an authentic, heartfelt connection, you cannot go
wrong. Putting service ahead of prosperity is the secret to becoming a professional,
prosperous coach.

This profession is a long-term game. Three years ago, a client who I coached a couple
of times “in the name of service” came back to me and said, “I always knew that I
wanted to work with you.” That client signed on for my year program within weeks of our

When you bring in lightness and levity to your coaching sessions, you raise the depth of
your client’s experience. I repeatedly have clients who share with me after our coaching
sessions that they feel happier, more creative, and resilient.

My two kids, my life partner, and all of my coaches have taught me about the
magnificence of having someone in your life who believes in you, no matter what. As a
coach, this is the greatest gift you can offer to your clients. Don’t hold back.

As a result of all of Steve’s teachings, I have learned how to truly serve my clients.
Likewise, my attitude and openness to being coached, along with my deep desire to
learn and grow, has served both me and my clients. Moreover, my unrelenting devotion
to becoming a masterful coach has led to my practice’s prosperity.

The Dance

My journey to becoming a masterful coach has taken many twists and turns. It has
required me to have the courage to take calculated risks in order to create prosperity. At
times, I’ve been required to take the lead and invest in myself and my practice, all the
while keeping the faith that I won’t trip over my own two feet.

I take the earnings from my business and reinvest it in my professional development. I
reinvest so that I can learn, grow, and serve more powerfully. Not only have I benefited,
but also my clients and everyone I serve.

I take risks because I am betting on me. I have the inner confidence to know that I will
deliver a return on my investment.

The degree to which I risk is the degree to which my business expands. My suggestion
to coaches is that if your level of comfort is to spend $10,000 on your practice, then
instead spend $40,000. If your level of comfort is to spend $40,000 on your practice,
then instead spend $100,000.

Push into your level of discomfort for expansion. You must have a willingness to believe
in yourself and your talents. The more risks you take and the more you invest in yourself,
the more success you will create in this profession.

Like me, my clients often receive a multifold return on their investment from our coaching
together that is both tangible and intangible. One client received a major promotion from
Global Vice President to General Manager for an entire division, along with a substantial
increase in pay, a bonus, and other benefits. She connected more deeply with her
colleagues and created an incredible marriage with her husband as a result of our
coaching together.

Several other clients whom I’ve coached have left their jobs during our coaching
together and gone on to become successful entrepreneurs. One young professional who
felt stuck in his position at his company received a major promotion resulting in an
$18,000 increase in his annual salary. Another entrepreneur took his monthly revenues
from $12,000 per month to $35,000 per month during our first six months of coaching
together. An executive who was in the process of interviewing for a new position asked
for $25,000 more than she was originally offered and landed the position as a result of
our coaching. It never occurred to her to lean in and ask for more than her former salary
of $190,000. Another client designed the job of his dreams, went after it, received a
substantial increase in his title and salary, and turned his relationship with his wife
completely around.

My clients begin to ask for what they deserve because in our coaching together they
learn how to acknowledge their gifts and contributions. They show up as leaders with
more humility and power. They take risks and learn how to assert themselves. They
bring servant leadership into their lives both personally and professionally.

I always coach my clients on the landscape of life. That means that we work on every
aspect of who my client is being in the world, whether it is in the workplace or at home.
Typically, six to eight months into our coaching engagement, most of my clients receive
compliments from the people they know that something is different and quite
extraordinary about how they are showing up and who they are being. This is what I call
the divine and delicious impact from our coaching together.

I could go on and on with specific examples of service leading to prosperity for my
clients and ultimately, for me—in the form of referrals to other potential clients, and the
continued year over year growth of my practice. When I put service at the forefront of
every action and interaction, prosperity follows with ease and grace. The bottom line is
that the work I do with my clients is sacred, and it creates a lasting impact.

The path to growth and expansion can be uncomfortable at times, particularly when it
comes to investing in your practice. However, discomfort is where joy and prosperity are
created. Don’t be a wallflower. Say “yes” to the dance.

I suggest you relax, take calculated risks, and open up to the infinite flow of life. Money
is simply an exchange of value. Money is energy. You are fully supported when you are
doing what you love to do. The more you enjoy the dance of life and contribute to the
lives of others, the more you will be richly rewarded with ease, grace, and prosperity.

Being Uniquely You

I show up in the world leading with my heart. Authentically leading with this deep love for
people is how I make my greatest impact. It requires me to be uniquely me and that
means tapping into and trusting my intuition as I coach.

There was a time when I had a fear that I’d be considered too “touchy-feely” if I fully
claimed my feminine energy and my intuition, especially as an executive coach. I also
have a very practical, logical, and strategic side to me. My rational mind and my heart
were in conflict when I first began to coach.

Once I sought the permission from my clients to use my intuition to guide us in our
coaching, my world began to open up in such an incredible way. I was finally congruent
with all the beautiful parts of me and I was being uniquely me.

Better yet, my clients were benefiting. My intuition allowed me to open up a dialogue that
may otherwise have gone untapped if I stayed in my rational mind with tactical questions
and approaches. It raised the consciousness of our conversations and it challenged my
clients to open to new possibilities and shifts in thinking. It forwarded the actions and
deepened the conversations, and ultimately, also the learning. It created a high level of
rapport between us where transformational conversations could take place.

None of this work would have been possible without me being willing to step into being
uniquely me. Today, with no apologies, I coach from both my head and my heart. My
clients who are meant to work with me show up. Together, we create magic.

There is only one coach on the planet exactly like you. I encourage you to bring all of
you to your coaching. Claim all of who you can truly be. Your prosperity in this profession
will be a reflection of how you choose to live your life and serve. Claim your power.

Back to the Campfire

My story has come to a close. The glow from the campfire wanes and the final cinders
waft up into the deep blue starry night. I have shared with you what I would have wanted
to understand as a new and hungry coach. Be willing to experiment. Take what serves
you from my story and leave the rest behind.

Pay forward what you learn on your journey with other coaches. This is how we make
this profession bountiful. Always be willing to serve with an open heart. Create an
unrelenting desire to learn and grow. Be courageous enough to take risks and find the
strength of character to be uniquely you.

If your life is dedicated to something greater than yourself, then it gives life meaning. And
meaning creates empowerment. When you deeply connect your purpose or your calling
to a higher level of consciousness such as creativity, love, compassion, joy, or peace,
then you not only radiate inner power, but you become connected to a higher collective

In my final reflection, when you are truly devoted to service and to helping lead others, if
you lead with your heart, you cannot go wrong. It will forever fuel the fire of your